Farmer’s Only….

Have you ever thought about how much faith it actually takes to be a farmer? I mean literally every year, every season, farmers have to believe that everything is going to turn out fine so their crops will produce. They plan, they plant, they work their tails off, and then have to simply have faith that nature will help them do the rest.

When it comes to Christians, I believe we should take a long hard look at how farmers operate in the natural and apply it to our spiritual lives.

Most Christians simply don’t believe God for anything… end of rant. Then there are some who believe God for a season, and then give up when their prayers aren’t immediately answered. We can’t be either of these types of Christians, if we are to show the world the power of prayer and the victorious life of the believer.

Sticking along with my theme, I¬†believe that if people would actually take a hard look into the future and what they want to become and figure out the things they need to get there, and make a detailed prayer list of those things and begin to pray them long before they need them… their future would begin to unravel itself by the prayers that are being prayed.

I like to ask this question… do you know you can predict the future? You absolutely can.

Look at the prayers that you have been praying or are praying today. These things are what your future holds. 

If we like a faithful farmer, would plant seeds of faith through prayer today, we would see great harvests in the future.

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