Episode #11: Jessika Phillips

September 27, 2017
Jessika Phillips of the NOW Marketing Group join Ben and Jordan on the eleventh episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, Jessika shares her story of becoming and entrepreneur and why she believes most people aren’t dreamers. You can listen below or it is also available through the Dream On Podcast in the iTunes store.

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More About Honduras

Dream On Global is sponsoring the very first La Fiesta De Los Suenos (Dream On Party) 2017 in San Pedro Sula Honduras. This event will be held on November 3rd and 4th 2017. Honduras as a country faces many challenges from poverty, drugs and single home families. Because of this the majority of the people have settled to live very substandard lives. The good news is that 65% of the population is under the age of 25 and that with your assistance we can help change Honduras through just one generation. [event_button name=”DONATE NOW” link=”” target=”_blank” bg=”#FFB03B” bg_hover=”#FFB03B” text_color=”#fff” text_color_hover=”#fff” icon=”fa-chevron-circle-right” border_radius=”5px” border_color=”#fff” border_color_hover=”#FFB03B” margin=”8px 5px 5px 5px” animation=”” animation_delay=”0″ class=”” /]

T-Minus 40 Days

September 25, 2017
Believe it or not we will be loading a plane in under 40 days to put on our very first Dream On Party (La Gran Fiesta De Los Suenos) in San Pedro Sula Honduras. For those who don’t know this has been a dream of Ben and I (as well as the rest of our team) for many years. I must admit the task at times as felt impossible but we all know what God has to say about the impossible. See, it is very easy to allow your mind to accept normal. It certainly is not normal for 2 kids in their 20’s to plan a youth crusade for 10,000 people in another country. I mean how many of those do you know?  But the life of a dreamer, recognizes and accepts that with God literally NOTHING is impossible. This journey has taught us a deeper understanding of God’s dreams and purposes in our lives, his provision and his love for us.

I fully believe that the hardest step of a dreamer is the next one. It’s easy to look back and see how easy the previous ones were, because you know the outcome. It’s the next step that truly defines your faith and your life as a dreamer. Ben and I had absolutely no clue how Honduras would turn out. In fact our original vision for it was significantly smaller than what it is turning out to be. But when you serve a BIG God, were learning that our big dreams are often small in the eyes of a BIG God.

What Next?

With just under 40 days till we leave, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are believing God to bring 100 mission balls. We have currently raised 45 balls and are nearly half way to our goal. One ball is just $10 and has the gospel written all over them. They are super cool and let me tell you, a soccer ball is one of the best toys a kid can have in Honduras. Don’t believe me, watch this video as it shows the kids playing with a deflated kick ball. We also are looking to give away some bikes, t-shirts, glow sticks and more. We also have 2 suitcases full of tennis shoes that someone graciously donated. Over 200 brand new pairs of shoes! I’m asking you to prayerfully consider your next step. It might not be throwing a huge party for 10,000 kids in the murder capital of the world. But your next step is important to God. It might be donating $10 for a soccer ball, donating a bike or whatever it might be.  The important thing is that you are actually taking your next step.

Episide: #9: Derek Johnson of Jesus Culture

September 13, 2017
Derek Johnson of Jesus Culture join Ben and Jordan on the ninth episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, Derek shares his story of going from a High School dropout to worship leader at one of the most popular worship groups in history. You can listen below or also available through the Dream On Podcast in the iTunes store.

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Episode #8: The Wives

September 6, 2017
Ben’s wife Hanna and Jordan’s wife Ashley join Ben on the eight episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, the wives their their timeline of becoming a dreamer, what it’s life to be the spouse of a dreamer and is it ok to be a dreamer after having children. You can listen below or also available through the Dream On Podcast in the iTunes store.