Episode #15: Clinical Psychologist Doctor Michael D. Griffith

Clinical Psychologist Doctor Michael D. Griffith joins Ben and Jordan on the fifteenth episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, Doc gives Ben and Jordan some insight into the the importance of dreams from a clinical standpoint as well as the spiritual. You can listen below or also available through the Dream On Podcast in the iTunes store    

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Thanks Ben and Jordan your podcast are always inspiring! May God bless you with many more dreams and possibilities and adventures in your lives!

I believe creativity enlightens the brain to come alive with many possibilities. God gave us many talents and a brain to dream of ways to use them. It’s up to us to choose to use them. Never settle for circumstances always believe in faith and God’s supernatural power his dreams will always be beyond anything we could ever think possible. This world is just God’s footstool he is in us and much bigger than anything we could face. Ask him for doors to be opened and for him to equipt you and help the creativity he has placed in you be multiplied and to help others to dream on also! His love makes all things possible! His connections through that love and spirit bring many together for the good of his kingdom. We are all connected in some way through him. We are in a way his dream that he created out of love and passion. He had a vision in his heart and mind and made all of us possible. Jesus was God’s flesh and blood and came to save us when we interfered with that dream and he was faced with afversity and mocking and tempted to try to get him to abort that plan. But he stayed strong because his plan and dream and love for us was much bigger than anything that could get in his way! God help us to always pursue the dreams you have placed in our hearts and not to conform to this world but always be renewed in you to persevere and live your dream for us and through us! Amen!

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