Episode #24: Entrepreneur Paul Swartz

January 18, 2018
Ben’s dad and entrepreneur Paul Swartz join Ben, Jordan and Isaiah on the twenty fourth episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, Paul shares his story of becoming a business owner, raising a young family and some of his secrets to success!

History of Swartz Contracting

1987 – Swartz Contracting was founded in 1987 by Paul Swartz, who began his business in a small farm house
1988 – Our first employee was hired
1991 – We built our first spec house
1995 – First fire restoration project completed in Middlepoint, Ohio for a regional insurance carrier
1997 – Became an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau
2000 – Moved into our first permanent office building
2006 – Began Water Mitigation Division
2009 – Nominated for small business of the year
2012 – Bethany Swartz joins company as operations assistant
2013 – Ben Swartz joins company as water division manager
2015 – Our new facility was constructed

Hope For Hang-Ups

January 17, 2018
Think back to the last time you had an obstacle that made you feel hopeless. Maybe it was a year ago, a week ago or maybe you are finding yourself in the midst of a hang-up as you read this. These roadblocks are inevitable but unfortunately, we often find ourselves feeling at the end of our road with no good future.

Genesis 37-50 Joesph is no stranger to such difficulties. But through every trial, he remained faithful to the Lord, and the Lord remained faithful to Joseph. From being sold into slavery by his own family to being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, it would have been easy for Joseph to question his purpose and future. But he knew The Lord had a plan. Too often in our life, we scale our life down to one day, one feeling, or one obstacle when God is looking at our whole life. There was no time where God and His favor couldn’t be found in Joseph’s life. How great is it to serve a God, that even in slavery or prison, uses that very same obstacle to promote and bless us. He is the God that turns hang-ups into hope!

If he were never a slave to Potiphar, he would have never became his assistant. If he were never a prisoner, he would have a never became second in command of Egypt. Joseph goes on to name his first child Manasseh meaning ‘Forget’ saying, “God made me forget all my hardships and my parental home.” Then he went on to name his second-born Ephraim meaning ‘Double Prosperity’ saying, “God has prospered me in the land of my sorrow.” I’m here to tell you God can do the very same thing for you! He will make you forget your past hardships and give you prosperity in your land of sorrow! Joseph trusted in something a lot of us have a hard time with-God’s timing. The same obstacle your facing could be the very thing that promotes you to the best place in life you’ve ever been! God’s timing isn’t a second too early or a second too late. It’s perfect.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God’s plans for you is something to look forward to, no matter what season you are in. So that means for whatever your past, there’s a good future. For every failed plan, there’s a plan to prosper. For every hang up, there IS hope!

Isaiah Roebuck

Episode #23: Ohio State Running Back Master Teague III

January 3, 2018
Ohio State Running Back Master Teague III joins Ben, Jordan and Isaiah on the twenty third episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, In this episode Mater shares his story as well as the process of becoming a 4 star running back commit and being recruited by some of the biggest college football programs

When Master Teague III committed to Ohio State in June, it came as a slight surprise to some, as Teague joined a class that already featured a pair of talented running backs in Jaelen Gill and Brian Snead.

However, Teague’s downhill running ability and leadership on and off the field caught the eye of Ohio State’s coaching staff, which led to an offer on June 9. Two days later, Teague was a Buckeye.

Teague’s commitment was Ohio State’s 13th in the 2018 class, and the Tennessee native told Eleven Warriors’ Andrew Lind following his commitment that he chose to become a Buckeye because of the close relationships he had built with Ohio State’s coaching staff.

“The Ohio State University coaching staff and I have been able to build a close relationship over the past several months,” Teague said. “I have really enjoyed getting to know them all. I would like to thank all the people now and in the past that have helped bring me up to were I am today.”

At the time of his commitment, Teague was just a three-star prospect. However, following his commitment to Ohio State and subsequent games during his senior season, the Blackman High School running back earned a fourth star in the 247sports composite and jumped up to the No. 11 running back in the country.

Teague’s senior season didn’t exactly go as planned however, as the star running back suffered a season-ending ankle injury in late September. He underwent surgery on Sept. 27 to repair a peroneal tendon subluxation, a condition in which the tendon snapped out of place in his left ankle.

Despite the injury ending his season, Teague remained consistent in his comeback routine, and had the protective boot was off by November. Teague was also back running by late November and his father told Lind that the younger Teague was ahead of schedule in his rehab as of Nov. 22.

In just more than four games this season, Teague rushed for 711 yards and 10 touchdowns. He is expected to enroll early at Ohio State and arrive on campus in January for classes and be close to 100 percent.

New Year…New You or Same You?

January 2, 2018
On New Years evening I was sitting down with my family and enjoying a movie, a quote in the movie resonated with me, “If you’re nothing without this suit then you shouldn’t have it.” I dwelled on this quote for hours, sometimes it’s ironic that something from a movie can have such an impact on you spiritually.

In the movie the person thought they were literally insignificant, nothing without the suit, the suit defined them. Aren’t we that way in a sense? We let our “labels” define who we are (which is sometimes true), for instance I’m a mother, a professional, a wife, a church volunteer; but what would happen if one of those titles got striped away from me? Would you still know who you were? Would you still worship Jesus? Or would you blame Him? Would you be lost?

As you enter the new year find some alone time with Jesus to mentally strip all titles away; would you know who you were? With just you and the Father, would you still see you? Would you recognize you? Would you love you?

This past year I went through a major change and resigned from my professional career after over eleven years. I thought it was going to be perfect, I could be a better mother, wife, daughter, church volunteer etc…. But life happens, I came under attack, I felt insignificant, I let my professional life define me for over a decade and I felt like I wasn’t making a difference in the world. I did a lot of soul searching for months about how to get over this “depression” that was trying to keep me stagnate in my church, relationships, and walk with God.

But through it all, through the fight of thoughts (which many times weren’t of Christ), sleepless nights, etc… I’m more secure in who I am in Christ because I chose to reflect and fight. You see, even if every title was stripped away, I’m still a daughter of the King (Rom8:14), I’m still the light of the world (Matt 5:14), I’m still forgiven (Col 1:13-14), I could go on and on.

I encourage you this new year to strip down to nothing (no titles, no distractions, just you and God) and to get to the core of who you are in Christ. It’s raw and the work is hard, but the reward is sweet. There’s no greater reward then the security and love of your Heavenly Father. Listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you, about what you need to add and take away. The Bible says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zech 4:10 NLT). We have to put in the work, we can’t start at the top, what good would that do? When we start small we learn to trust and you are trusted by God. Once you’re secure in who you are in Christ, there’s no stopping you because you’ll know anything is possible! You’re a world changer!

Blog By: Kristin Martin