What’s Happening In Honduras?

It’s now been 4 months since we stepped foot in Honduras for the very ever La Fiesta De Los Suenos (Dream On: Party). To say that the event was a complete success would be an understatement. Over the 2 day event we saw over 10,000 people in attendance and over 2,000 people gave their lives to Jesus. We saw dozens of miracles, we put on a youth conference and we did several TV and Radio gigs as well. Our team of 12 had an experience that will last a lifetime.

Since the party, we’ve received so many testimonies and stories of the way God has changed the people of Honduras. With over two-thirds of the population under the age of 25, it was our dream to truly change this next generation in Honduras. At these night worship experiences, the Hondurans got to experience God in a new way and started to dream again. It’s hard for many of us in a first world country to understand the depth of that statement. Nevertheless, when your entire world is surrounded by poverty on every level, it’s easy to understand where the lack of dreams and purposes comes from.

After making the announcement this week that we will be coming back to Honduras in November to put on an even bigger Dream On Party, we thought it was only fitting to share a little more about what God has done to some since last year’s party!

This video gets us excited because it is of a 10 year old boy named Joel Alfaro. Joel at a very young age has a dream of becoming a worship leader and to lead people in worship on a large stage. One of the cool things about the Dream On Party was we were able to make dream’s like Joel’s come true! Joel lead a worship song at the Dream On Party in front of thousands of people and quite frankly left everyone amazed. What a talented young boy!  This video above is a music video recently shot with Joel. It is so amazing to see people like Joel pursue their dreams in life….especially as a result of everything we are doing here at Dream On.

Dream On Party Honduras - Testimony Picture

This couple above had been asking the Lord for the past 5 years to allow them to get pregnant. This couple attended the Dream On Party and reiterated to God their dream to have a child. Since then they have found out they are are expecting!

On top of these testimonies Dream on has helped plant churches and feeding programs in these 5 cities in Honduras: Choloma, San Pedro Sula , Villanueva, yojoa, Tegucigalpa.

If you are interested in joining us on our 2018 trip to Honduras, we only have a limited number of slots. To reserve your spot please go to dreamon.world/go

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