Episode #42: Defeating Shame | Tiffany Bluhm

May 31, 2018

Author and Bible Teacher, Tiffany Bluhm joins Isaiah on the forty-second episode of the Dream On Podcast. Tiffany shares how to overcome shame and live the life you were created for.

1:15- About Tiffany

2:10- Never Alone

8:30- Breaking free from shame

15:45- She dreams

20:55- Looking past failure

25:20- Tips about writing a book

27:30- Tiffany’s information

You can purchase Tiffany’s book ‘Never Alone’ at

Episode #41: Godly Entrepreneurship | Adam Mesa

May 25, 2018

Associate Pastor of ALFC Adam Mesa joins Isaiah on the forty-first episode of the Dream On Podcast. Adam discusses the importance of keeping Christ the center and gives tips on getting started with entrepreneurship.

2:00- Adam’s story

9:00- Putting other before you

15:00- Tips on getting started with entrepreneurship

21:55- Keeping Christ the center

26:15- Doing our part

34:05- Adam’s information

Episode #40: Trusting God’s Plan | David Watford

May 17, 2018

Football Athlete, David Watford joins Isaiah on the fortieth episode of the Dream On Podcast. David and Isaiah discuss the importance of trusting in God’s plan for your life.

1:30- David’s story

5:45- Why it’s important to dream

7:50- Being refined by fire

11:50- Trusting in God’s plan

15:45- Stopping Overthinking

17:00- Patience

20:00- God’s timing

21:40- The process

Dream Session: 002

May 10, 2018
Dream On: Global will be hosting a night of worship and dreaming in Shawnee, Ohio. The night will feature live worship from Dream On Music Collective’s Daniel and Sarah Simmons. This outdoor worship and dreaming experience will be life changing. More Information

Episode #39: Getting Past Setbacks | Jordan Lawhead

May 5, 2018

Musician and Founder of You Inspire, Jordan Lawhead joins Isaiah on the thirty-ninth episode of Dream On Podcast. Jordan and Isaiah discuss practical ways to get past setbacks.

1:20- Jordan’ story

5:30- Getting away from fear and isolation

10:30- Power of testimonies

16:00- Renewing your mind

17:40- You are not a statistic

18:50- The Word as your source

20:10- The power of music

25:20- You Inspire

29:50- Where to find Jordan