Dream On Party

What Is The Dream On Party? Dream On Global is sponsoring the very first La Fiesta De Los Suenos (Dream On Party) 2017 in San Pedro Sula Honduras. This event will be held on November 3rd and 4th 2017. Honduras as a country faces many challenges from poverty, drugs and single home families. Because of […]

Honduras Day #3

August 6, 2017 Ben and Jordan visit San Pedro Sula Honduras to plan La Fiesta De Los Suenos 2017 (Dream On Party). Today Ben preached at the Christian Community Church. We got to fly Pastor Wilmer’s drone. We also had say goodbye and then got lost

Honduras Day #2

We woke up with great anticipation for the day, because we knew we would be seeing a lot of San Pedro Sula today. I totally wish I could drink orange juice all day long down here if it wouldn’t give me an ulcer, because it’s just so good! Below are some highlights from today… just […]

Honduras Day #1

Jordan and I’s adventure started out by arriving at a generous friends house late Thursday night, to spend the night before waking up before the roosters as we had to fly out of Detroit. When we arrived our friend informed us that everyone was asleep so be very quiet… it seemed like every square inch of the […]

Episode #3: Jared Boyd

Jared Boyd joins Ben and Jordan on the third episode of the Dream On Podcast to discuss the Dream on Conference 2017 and more about his story of becoming a youth pastor. Learn more about Jared at http://dreamon.world/jared-boyd/. You can listen below or also available through the Dream On Podcast in the iTunes store.

Episode #2: Derek A. Spencer

Derek A. Spencer joins Ben and Jordan on the second episode of the Dream On Podcast to discuss the Dream on Conference 2017 and more about his story. Learn more about Derek at http://dreamon.world/derek-spencer/ Open In iTunes

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A Voice From Heaven

Where Is My Voice From Heaven? There are several words I can think of when it comes to describing what it’s like to pursue your dream. Exciting. Thrilling. Fantastic. Challenging. Etc. Anyone, when they first take the leap to pursuing their dream, will feel all sorts of encouraging and hope-filled emotions like the ones previously […]