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Hope For Hang-Ups

January 17, 2018
Think back to the last time you had an obstacle that made you feel hopeless. Maybe it was a year ago, a week ago or maybe you are finding yourself in the midst of a hang-up as you read this. These roadblocks are inevitable but unfortunately, we often find ourselves feeling at the end of our road with no good future.

Genesis 37-50 Joesph is no stranger to such difficulties. But through every trial, he remained faithful to the Lord, and the Lord remained faithful to Joseph. From being sold into slavery by his own family to being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, it would have been easy for Joseph to question his purpose and future. But he knew The Lord had a plan. Too often in our life, we scale our life down to one day, one feeling, or one obstacle when God is looking at our whole life. There was no time where God and His favor couldn’t be found in Joseph’s life. How great is it to serve a God, that even in slavery or prison, uses that very same obstacle to promote and bless us. He is the God that turns hang-ups into hope!

If he were never a slave to Potiphar, he would have never became his assistant. If he were never a prisoner, he would have a never became second in command of Egypt. Joseph goes on to name his first child Manasseh meaning ‘Forget’ saying, “God made me forget all my hardships and my parental home.” Then he went on to name his second-born Ephraim meaning ‘Double Prosperity’ saying, “God has prospered me in the land of my sorrow.” I’m here to tell you God can do the very same thing for you! He will make you forget your past hardships and give you prosperity in your land of sorrow! Joseph trusted in something a lot of us have a hard time with-God’s timing. The same obstacle your facing could be the very thing that promotes you to the best place in life you’ve ever been! God’s timing isn’t a second too early or a second too late. It’s perfect.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God’s plans for you is something to look forward to, no matter what season you are in. So that means for whatever your past, there’s a good future. For every failed plan, there’s a plan to prosper. For every hang up, there IS hope!

Isaiah Roebuck

New Year…New You or Same You?

January 2, 2018
On New Years evening I was sitting down with my family and enjoying a movie, a quote in the movie resonated with me, “If you’re nothing without this suit then you shouldn’t have it.” I dwelled on this quote for hours, sometimes it’s ironic that something from a movie can have such an impact on you spiritually.

In the movie the person thought they were literally insignificant, nothing without the suit, the suit defined them. Aren’t we that way in a sense? We let our “labels” define who we are (which is sometimes true), for instance I’m a mother, a professional, a wife, a church volunteer; but what would happen if one of those titles got striped away from me? Would you still know who you were? Would you still worship Jesus? Or would you blame Him? Would you be lost?

As you enter the new year find some alone time with Jesus to mentally strip all titles away; would you know who you were? With just you and the Father, would you still see you? Would you recognize you? Would you love you?

This past year I went through a major change and resigned from my professional career after over eleven years. I thought it was going to be perfect, I could be a better mother, wife, daughter, church volunteer etc…. But life happens, I came under attack, I felt insignificant, I let my professional life define me for over a decade and I felt like I wasn’t making a difference in the world. I did a lot of soul searching for months about how to get over this “depression” that was trying to keep me stagnate in my church, relationships, and walk with God.

But through it all, through the fight of thoughts (which many times weren’t of Christ), sleepless nights, etc… I’m more secure in who I am in Christ because I chose to reflect and fight. You see, even if every title was stripped away, I’m still a daughter of the King (Rom8:14), I’m still the light of the world (Matt 5:14), I’m still forgiven (Col 1:13-14), I could go on and on.

I encourage you this new year to strip down to nothing (no titles, no distractions, just you and God) and to get to the core of who you are in Christ. It’s raw and the work is hard, but the reward is sweet. There’s no greater reward then the security and love of your Heavenly Father. Listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you, about what you need to add and take away. The Bible says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zech 4:10 NLT). We have to put in the work, we can’t start at the top, what good would that do? When we start small we learn to trust and you are trusted by God. Once you’re secure in who you are in Christ, there’s no stopping you because you’ll know anything is possible! You’re a world changer!

Blog By: Kristin Martin

We Visit Our Friend’s Book Signing Event

December 19, 2017
Ben and Jordan visit their friend Ben Budde for the book signing for his brand new book “War A Good Warfare.” War A Good Warfare has penned a practical and clear field manual for every follower of Christ engaged in the daily spiritual warfare of life. He reminds us of our personal accountability to know God’s Word, believe His Truth, and wage strategic warfare to preserve and expand God’s Kingdom here on Earth. Through his use of scripture, personal stories and clearly stated encouragement we are all better prepared to enter the Battle of the ages.

You can purchase Ben’s book at Amazon

End Of Year Recap

December 18, 2017
You all are amazing people. Jordan and I started this year with anticipation with what Jesus would use Dream On to do, and boy has it been a wild ride(a good one:) We saw hundreds come to our conference in March in Ohio and 10,000 attend our Dream On Party in Honduras. In Honduras, our event was broadcast to the entire nation, so 9 million people had the opportunity to hear about how Jesus wanted to use their life to impact the world. Jesus always takes His people from glory to glory if they are willing, so we look to 2018 with greater anticipation. Your financial donations mean thousands more will be impacted in 2018. Thank you for your year end donation!

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Those who dream the most do the most,
Ben Swartz

Dream On Party: Travel Day

November 14, 2017
Leaving at 3am from anywhere for anything is always exhausting… except for Jordan the robot.

The team met up at the church, and left at 3am to head towards the Detroit airport. We had stacked all of the suitcases in the back of the van, so we hoped the people sitting in the back didn’t get hit in the head if we jammed on the breaks… but anything is possible when Jordan is driving 🙂 We arrive at the Detroit airport in ample time, but a few of the team got stuck in security. To many snacks, cameras, computers, and other tech were some of the security culprits… we all made the first flight and landed in Houston. When we landed it was breakfast time, and what sounds better for breakfast then panda express? Absolutely, we ate Chinese for bfast.

We all loaded up for the last leg of the journey that day, and still wished that Spirit air gave out peanuts on the flight. Jordan and Ben recorded a podcast with Pastor Daniel at 30,000 ft in the air. When we landed Pastor Daniel got stopped going through security, and he just happened to have a suitcase full of glow sticks, to which he couldn’t explain in spanish to the security lady what they were… We eventually all leave the airport with pastor Wilmer, and pick some kids up, pack them all in the van and take them to school. The team then went to a local radio station and were interviewed for the Dream On Party coming up the next day. After the interviews, Jesus healed a mans back outside! Jesus is always with us wherever we go… We then walked through a 10,000 member church, and then headed back to the hotel. Later on that night, we went to the grounds where the meetings would be held Friday and Saturday, and the team was blown away by the setup. We believe in doing everything with excellence at Dream On, and this was just the beginning on something amazing…

T-Minus 40 Days

September 25, 2017
Believe it or not we will be loading a plane in under 40 days to put on our very first Dream On Party (La Gran Fiesta De Los Suenos) in San Pedro Sula Honduras. For those who don’t know this has been a dream of Ben and I (as well as the rest of our team) for many years. I must admit the task at times as felt impossible but we all know what God has to say about the impossible. See, it is very easy to allow your mind to accept normal. It certainly is not normal for 2 kids in their 20’s to plan a youth crusade for 10,000 people in another country. I mean how many of those do you know?  But the life of a dreamer, recognizes and accepts that with God literally NOTHING is impossible. This journey has taught us a deeper understanding of God’s dreams and purposes in our lives, his provision and his love for us.

I fully believe that the hardest step of a dreamer is the next one. It’s easy to look back and see how easy the previous ones were, because you know the outcome. It’s the next step that truly defines your faith and your life as a dreamer. Ben and I had absolutely no clue how Honduras would turn out. In fact our original vision for it was significantly smaller than what it is turning out to be. But when you serve a BIG God, were learning that our big dreams are often small in the eyes of a BIG God.

What Next?

With just under 40 days till we leave, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are believing God to bring 100 mission balls. We have currently raised 45 balls and are nearly half way to our goal. One ball is just $10 and has the gospel written all over them. They are super cool and let me tell you, a soccer ball is one of the best toys a kid can have in Honduras. Don’t believe me, watch this video as it shows the kids playing with a deflated kick ball. We also are looking to give away some bikes, t-shirts, glow sticks and more. We also have 2 suitcases full of tennis shoes that someone graciously donated. Over 200 brand new pairs of shoes! I’m asking you to prayerfully consider your next step. It might not be throwing a huge party for 10,000 kids in the murder capital of the world. But your next step is important to God. It might be donating $10 for a soccer ball, donating a bike or whatever it might be.  The important thing is that you are actually taking your next step.

Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #3

August 10, 2017
August 6, 2017
Ben and Jordan visit San Pedro Sula Honduras to plan La Fiesta De Los Suenos 2017 (Dream On Party). Today Ben preached at the Christian Community Church. We got to fly Pastor Wilmer’s drone. We also had say goodbye and then got lost

Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #2

August 10, 2017
We woke up with great anticipation for the day, because we knew we would be seeing a lot of San Pedro Sula today. I totally wish I could drink orange juice all day long down here if it wouldn’t give me an ulcer, because it’s just so good! Below are some highlights from today… just overviews definitely because when your with Pastor Wilmer so much happens.

Schedule – August 5, 2017

  • 5:00 AM I think Jordan is awake… look at the clock… yup it’s only 5am definitely not getting up yet.
  • 6:00 AM Miles as well get up… it’s so bright outside
  • 7:00 AM This breakfast is stellar… orange juice is actually sweet… “minute made” has been ripping us off in the USA
  • 9:00 AM Pastor Wilmer said 9 o’clock sharp… still not here. Honduras time…
  • 10:00 AM Flying drones, playing soccer, shooting video… No rules driving, pretty sure every 16 year old should come down here to learn how to drive…
  • 12:00 We just ordered 25 Little Caesars pizzas for the kids… the security guard told Jordan to stop filming in the restaurant. I think we should buy stock in Little Caesars now…
  • 1:00 Wow I don’t know if we will have enough pizza for all these kids… Jordan has the coolest dance moves ever (Watch day #2 video)
  • 2:00 Coffee shop… Jordan needs it to survive… wow it’s actually pretty good when there’s caramel in it
  • 4:00 We get to see where one of the kids in the program lives… heartbreaking… yet they are so happy. Maybe material things really don’t give you joy..
  • 6:00 It’s pitch black outside… time for podcasts… Pastor Wimer, do you have a blue tooth speaker… like this one? (pulls out a giant speaker) Sure, that will work (Go Big PW)
  • 7:00 Pizza arrives and podcast is in full swing… here comes the dog.. keep talking.. here comes the friends… keep talking… here comes the dog again..
  • 10:00 It’s midnight back home… time to hit the hay. Jordan is still editing videos like a boss.. I think he’s a robot.
By: Ben Swartz

Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #1

August 4, 2017
Jordan and I’s adventure started out by arriving at a generous friends house late Thursday night, to spend the night before waking up before the roosters as we had to fly out of Detroit. When we arrived our friend informed us that everyone was asleep so be very quiet… it seemed like every square inch of the house creaked as we were trying to be quiet and I accidentally slammed a door… great start to the trip 🙂 If you don’t know me, I need at least 8 hours of sleep to function, unlike Jordan who is robot-esque and doesn’t need sleep. So… getting up at 3am is rough for me, but Jordan took it like a pro! All the way to the airport, we kept saying that we were probably to early, but when we arrived there was a super long line to get through security. We got through in time, and boarded the plane to head to Houston. When we arrived in Houston they were boarding our connecting flight already. We ran to Chick-Fil-e real quick to grab breakfast… boarded the plane for Honduras. Every time I bring someone new to Honduras, I am always a little nervous just because I am unsure of how they will adapt. Jordan crushed it… beard and all! To shorten our first days adventure, I have put the day in a short time lapse below. Enjoy.

Schedule – August 4, 2017

  • 3:00 am Woke up, felt terrible, drove to the airport, why are there so many people up this early?
  • 7:30 am Boarded plane for Houston, wait there’s a lucky seat on this plane that gets 5,000 free miles? No free peanuts… bummer
  • 10:00 am Arrive in Houston, Chick-Fil-e here we come, you have a YouTube page?
  • 10:30 am Leave for San Pedro Sula, Jordan wins the lucky seat!
  • 12:30 Suppose to be on the ground by now. Still circling the airport. Sittin the tarmac now. Still sitting on the tarmac. Still sitting on the tarmac.
  • 1:30 Going through customs. Is that guy holding a machine gun?
  • 1:45 Pastor Wimer’s driving is something special… I think Jordan just peed himself.
  • 2:15 Lunch at the hotel. Ah, peace and quiet for lunch. Nevermind, karaoke in the afternoon?
  • 4:00 Pastor Wilmer tells me in preaching tonight
  • 5:00 Jordan is editing videos like a mad man… I’m prepping for tonight
  • 7:00 God always shows up when He is bragged on… He loves to show up and show off. Man, there are great things in store for Honduras. Chile’s anyone?
By: Ben Swartz

Farmer’s Only….

May 13, 2017
Have you ever thought about how much faith it actually takes to be a farmer? I mean literally every year, every season, farmers have to believe that everything is going to turn out fine so their crops will produce. They plan, they plant, they work their tails off, and then have to simply have faith that nature will help them do the rest.

When it comes to Christians, I believe we should take a long hard look at how farmers operate in the natural and apply it to our spiritual lives.

Most Christians simply don’t believe God for anything… end of rant. Then there are some who believe God for a season, and then give up when their prayers aren’t immediately answered. We can’t be either of these types of Christians, if we are to show the world the power of prayer and the victorious life of the believer.

Sticking along with my theme, I believe that if people would actually take a hard look into the future and what they want to become and figure out the things they need to get there, and make a detailed prayer list of those things and begin to pray them long before they need them… their future would begin to unravel itself by the prayers that are being prayed.

I like to ask this question… do you know you can predict the future? You absolutely can.

Look at the prayers that you have been praying or are praying today. These things are what your future holds. 

If we like a faithful farmer, would plant seeds of faith through prayer today, we would see great harvests in the future.

Email Ben at with any questions or if you would like to know more about the ultimate Dream Giver.