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Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #3

August 10, 2017
August 6, 2017
Ben and Jordan visit San Pedro Sula Honduras to plan La Fiesta De Los Suenos 2017 (Dream On Party). Today Ben preached at the Christian Community Church. We got to fly Pastor Wilmer’s drone. We also had say goodbye and then got lost

Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #2

August 10, 2017
We woke up with great anticipation for the day, because we knew we would be seeing a lot of San Pedro Sula today. I totally wish I could drink orange juice all day long down here if it wouldn’t give me an ulcer, because it’s just so good! Below are some highlights from today… just overviews definitely because when your with Pastor Wilmer so much happens.

Schedule – August 5, 2017

  • 5:00 AM I think Jordan is awake… look at the clock… yup it’s only 5am definitely not getting up yet.
  • 6:00 AM Miles as well get up… it’s so bright outside
  • 7:00 AM This breakfast is stellar… orange juice is actually sweet… “minute made” has been ripping us off in the USA
  • 9:00 AM Pastor Wilmer said 9 o’clock sharp… still not here. Honduras time…
  • 10:00 AM Flying drones, playing soccer, shooting video… No rules driving, pretty sure every 16 year old should come down here to learn how to drive…
  • 12:00 We just ordered 25 Little Caesars pizzas for the kids… the security guard told Jordan to stop filming in the restaurant. I think we should buy stock in Little Caesars now…
  • 1:00 Wow I don’t know if we will have enough pizza for all these kids… Jordan has the coolest dance moves ever (Watch day #2 video)
  • 2:00 Coffee shop… Jordan needs it to survive… wow it’s actually pretty good when there’s caramel in it
  • 4:00 We get to see where one of the kids in the program lives… heartbreaking… yet they are so happy. Maybe material things really don’t give you joy..
  • 6:00 It’s pitch black outside… time for podcasts… Pastor Wimer, do you have a blue tooth speaker… like this one? (pulls out a giant speaker) Sure, that will work (Go Big PW)
  • 7:00 Pizza arrives and podcast is in full swing… here comes the dog.. keep talking.. here comes the friends… keep talking… here comes the dog again..
  • 10:00 It’s midnight back home… time to hit the hay. Jordan is still editing videos like a boss.. I think he’s a robot.
By: Ben Swartz

Honduras (Planning Trip) Day #1

August 4, 2017
Jordan and I’s adventure started out by arriving at a generous friends house late Thursday night, to spend the night before waking up before the roosters as we had to fly out of Detroit. When we arrived our friend informed us that everyone was asleep so be very quiet… it seemed like every square inch of the house creaked as we were trying to be quiet and I accidentally slammed a door… great start to the trip 🙂 If you don’t know me, I need at least 8 hours of sleep to function, unlike Jordan who is robot-esque and doesn’t need sleep. So… getting up at 3am is rough for me, but Jordan took it like a pro! All the way to the airport, we kept saying that we were probably to early, but when we arrived there was a super long line to get through security. We got through in time, and boarded the plane to head to Houston. When we arrived in Houston they were boarding our connecting flight already. We ran to Chick-Fil-e real quick to grab breakfast… boarded the plane for Honduras. Every time I bring someone new to Honduras, I am always a little nervous just because I am unsure of how they will adapt. Jordan crushed it… beard and all! To shorten our first days adventure, I have put the day in a short time lapse below. Enjoy.

Schedule – August 4, 2017

  • 3:00 am Woke up, felt terrible, drove to the airport, why are there so many people up this early?
  • 7:30 am Boarded plane for Houston, wait there’s a lucky seat on this plane that gets 5,000 free miles? No free peanuts… bummer
  • 10:00 am Arrive in Houston, Chick-Fil-e here we come, you have a YouTube page?
  • 10:30 am Leave for San Pedro Sula, Jordan wins the lucky seat!
  • 12:30 Suppose to be on the ground by now. Still circling the airport. Sittin the tarmac now. Still sitting on the tarmac. Still sitting on the tarmac.
  • 1:30 Going through customs. Is that guy holding a machine gun?
  • 1:45 Pastor Wimer’s driving is something special… I think Jordan just peed himself.
  • 2:15 Lunch at the hotel. Ah, peace and quiet for lunch. Nevermind, karaoke in the afternoon?
  • 4:00 Pastor Wilmer tells me in preaching tonight
  • 5:00 Jordan is editing videos like a mad man… I’m prepping for tonight
  • 7:00 God always shows up when He is bragged on… He loves to show up and show off. Man, there are great things in store for Honduras. Chile’s anyone?
By: Ben Swartz

Farmer’s Only….

May 13, 2017
Have you ever thought about how much faith it actually takes to be a farmer? I mean literally every year, every season, farmers have to believe that everything is going to turn out fine so their crops will produce. They plan, they plant, they work their tails off, and then have to simply have faith that nature will help them do the rest.

When it comes to Christians, I believe we should take a long hard look at how farmers operate in the natural and apply it to our spiritual lives.

Most Christians simply don’t believe God for anything… end of rant. Then there are some who believe God for a season, and then give up when their prayers aren’t immediately answered. We can’t be either of these types of Christians, if we are to show the world the power of prayer and the victorious life of the believer.

Sticking along with my theme, I believe that if people would actually take a hard look into the future and what they want to become and figure out the things they need to get there, and make a detailed prayer list of those things and begin to pray them long before they need them… their future would begin to unravel itself by the prayers that are being prayed.

I like to ask this question… do you know you can predict the future? You absolutely can.

Look at the prayers that you have been praying or are praying today. These things are what your future holds. 

If we like a faithful farmer, would plant seeds of faith through prayer today, we would see great harvests in the future.

Email Ben at with any questions or if you would like to know more about the ultimate Dream Giver.

A Voice From Heaven

February 14, 2017

Where Is My Voice From Heaven?

There are several words I can think of when it comes to describing what it’s like to pursue your dream. Exciting. Thrilling. Fantastic. Challenging. Etc. Anyone, when they first take the leap to pursuing their dream, will feel all sorts of encouraging and hope-filled emotions like the ones previously mentioned.

As you pursue your dream there are several other emotions you will encounter. Fear. Doubt. Anger. Frustration. These emotions can be detrimental to you pursuing your dreams if you let them control you. However, they also have a way of keeping you focused on God as your source and the reason why you are able to do anything in the first place.

The Voice Of Others

On your journey, you will encounter people as well. Yes… People! Some  will encourage you in your dream. Others will not care about your dream. Some might event actually work against your dream.

People are often the most difficult part of working toward your dream. It can be hard to deal with negative voices in your life. The people who think you’re not educated enough, talented enough, famous enough, realistic in your goals, or capable of accomplishing such a lofty notion.

There are several men in scripture that experienced much of what I’m talking about but I would like to focus on just one. His name is… Jesus. Jesus encountered all sorts of “haters” and “naysayers” as He lived out His Purpose.

For clarities sake, I will go ahead and just acknowledge the fact that your purpose and your dreams are directly connected. Actually, I would argue the fact that your dreams are birthed out of understanding your purpose. Once you understand your purpose you begin to dream about how to accomplish your purpose.

So we know from Scripture that Jesus understood His purpose. He was to be the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world. ( See John 1:29, 1 Peter 1:18-19, Revelation 5:12) Even with such a wonderful and glorious purpose as Christ’s, He still had people who tried to kill him. Let me repeat that for dramatic measure. He had people who literally tried to kill him before He could fulfill his purpose.

As I was in prayer one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me a somewhat shocking revelation. He brought to my remembrance the fact that when Jesus was baptized by John, Heaven opened, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the appearance of a dove, and our Heavenly Father spoke in a voice from Heaven and all who were present heard Him declare that Jesus was His Son and that He loved Him. (Matthew 3:16-17) Wow, God, Himself spoke from Heaven to men on earth and declared that Jesus was His Son. In essence, that Jesus was the promised Messiah. This wasn’t the first time that Jesus had been declared the Messiah either. Remember at His birth when the angels showed up and sang in chorus that Jesus was the good news that would bring great Joy to all people, that He was the Savior, the promised Messiah! (Luke 2:10-11)

Here are the point and the climax of the revelation the Holy Spirit gave me. God, could open Heaven and declare to the whole world your purpose and people would still try to kill you. Maybe not literally try to kill you but certainly try to kill your God-dream. So when those negative voices come, and they will, remember Jesus endured similar opposition and look how His story ended. There is no reason to believe that God won’t be just as faithful to you and your purpose.

You don’t need a voice from Heaven to declare to the world what your purpose is. That wouldn’t be enough for the world to believe in you anyways. Just be comfortable with God speaking it to you. Run with that. It was enough for Jesus.

By: Tim LeMaster

When Dreams Die

February 9, 2017
“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those of who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 NIV
  Our family ministry had just kicked off, we announced our launch with our plans to host a conference in the year to come. Years of dreaming, months of planning all came to a crippling halt after the announcement of my parents’ separation. My heart wasn’t prepared for the shocking events that soon would play out, eventually ending with the finalization of their divorce. Stunned, confused and hurt—it seems there aren’t enough words to describe the emotions I was feeling.

When Dreams Die…What’s Next?

Working in ministry is something I had dreamed about for years, and finally ministry was more than just a mental imagery, it was tangible and possible. When my parents’ marriage ended, so did the ministry. I felt like my dreams died before they ever had a chance to survive. I began questioning everything, Do I even have a calling? Am I really gifted? Did I waste time chasing a dead end? Is there even purpose for my life?”. I spent months asking myself these questions over and over, desperately trying to figure out answers to so many unanswered questions. Eventually, I had to make a decision. Was I going to allow myself to be stuck in a pit of chaos, or would I rise up and dig my way out? I could either let my heart linger in hurt and confusion of the past, or I could stand firm on the truth that I know. Jeremiah 29:11 tells me that God has declared prosperous plans and hope over my life. Romans 8:28 promises that these wounds will heal, and no pain is too big for God to use. I told God he could have it all, my dreams, desires, problems and pain. I stopped asking God why and began to ask him what.

“What are your plans for me, Lord? What are your dreams for my life? Fill my heart with your desires.” When we decide to trust God with our hurting hearts, not only does He heal, He redeems.

Do you feel like you’ve lost a dream? Is hurt from the past a continual road block? Do you feel like you have no purpose? Friends, I can promise you this, God does in fact have a plan for your life. He promises you this throughout His word. Circumstances and pain can be deceiving, they can leave you feeling lost and uncertain, but I encourage you to never stop the pursuit. Pursue the Lord daily, discover his dreams for your life by standing firm  and declaring His word over your situation. When life tries to shake you, your foundation is the rock. When disorder arises, you are shielded by faith. When confusion tries to stop you, you are girded with truth. The victory has already been won—what you do with it, is up to you. By: Beka Roebuck

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Record Breaker

February 3, 2017
One of the biggest dichotomies we live through is relationships. They can bring out the best and the worst in us, and sometimes both in the same day. Relationships tests our faith regarding how we handle conflict, offense and loving people. This is a huge are of growth and challenges. In relationships, we all have a “record.” We remember hurtful things we have done – and we definitely remember what others have done to us. When it comes to remembering hurts, our hearts operate like a high-tech computer, forgetting nothing.  The memory of a person or a conversation can trigger a variety of emotions. We are obviously love-challenged, especially when we hold up our own standard to God’s. It’s conditional verses unconditional love. It’s “What can they do for me?” verses “What can I do for others?”  It’s a massive battle that doesn’t stop.  We must address it, and walk through it in Christ. Our Record looms big over our shoulders, and over the shoulders of others. Records tell the story of where we have been, what we have done and what others have done to us. For some this is unbearable, for others it’s embarrassing. Our tendency is to hang on to our own records, and even more so the records of others. This breeds anger, resentment and unforgiveness that robs our faith, and stunts us in our growth. It’s the same trick over and over again, no matter who we are. This has trapped so many of us, leaving things unfinished, so that when we try to move on, we are still bleeding and hurting. But there is a better way! It requires humility and obedience to God and His way in our lives. It requires us to see others through the grace and mercy that has been given to us. It requires us to choose His way over our own. You see, the meat of the Word is not only in our knowledge of it, but in our application of it. It’s the action of our lives that reveals our depth with God, especially in the moment of heartache and pain. He wants us to love when it hurts, to love when we have been wronged and to love when we are angry. I know this sounds crazy, but faith doesn’t make sense. It conquers our wrestling hearts with unthinkable love! 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 says, “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud, or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.” Notice that last part, “keeps no record of being wronged.” This is twofold; first, it’s liberating. God erases our record!  All of us have done wrong, and we all have committed acts against Him and others. Yet He washes it clean. He chooses not to keep our record dirty, but rather He cleans it, making us new and free. His grace and mercy are fascinating. He gives us a new beginning, a clean conscience and a new purpose. This is abundant life, a new life that is blessed in the present and that will live on forever with Jesus! Wow! I don’t about you, but I’m so glad He cleaned my record and that He doesn’t remember my past. What freedom! What love! What a Savior! However, the second part points back to us. We are expected to give this to others, and that is where we stumble. We love receiving love and a clean record, but giving it away is hard.  For many of us, we are stuck at this spot. But the Bible says to forgive others as God in Christ has forgiven you (Ephesians 4:32). While this tests who we are, it helps us to remember how much God has forgiven us! His grace, patience and mercy have been astounding in our lives. He has hidden us from danger, embarrassment and death. He has made us new and free; therefore, from this place we give it away to others. When we think of how much He has done in us, we can receive courage to give it to others.

Who Is The Record Breaker?

Our God is a Record Breaker, so He asks us to break the record of others, freeing them, letting them go and moving on to what He has for us. We can free people when we keep no record of being wronged. I’m in process with this right now. I am learning to walk in love and be a record breaker, so that I obtain all He has for me. Life is too short to miss out on purpose by letting someone’s record play over and over again in my mind and heart. God is bigger than that, and He will make me bigger than the things done to me, if I will let Him! Receive the Record Breaker in your life and then choose to give it away to others. You will be free, you will be healed and you will be renewed in His strength. Have a great week and the best is yet to come, By Pastor David Norris

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Expanded Expectations

January 29, 2017
Everyone has expectations. It’s a part of our make-up. We like to gauge the present and look forward to the future. Expectations give hope for what it could be and what can be; therefore, our imagination often wanders free, pondering these hopes and dreams. This tendency to harbor expectations impacts our ideas of marriage, career, money, love, purpose, faith and more. In fact, expectations touch all genres of our lives, because we were created to have hope, faith and love. Hal Lindsey once said, “Man can live about 40 days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air…but only for one second without hope.” This statement is directly connected to our expectations. Think about the power of our expectations and how they can give us a determination that won’t quit, a discipline that refuses distraction and a dream that will not die. We have been inspired by others like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs. These examples and more have changed the landscape of our culture and the way we live, yet as we walk through the swamp of life, it can be hard to remain inspired. Have you been there? We’ve all lived long enough to have experienced the backlash of expectations when they don’t deliver what we thought they would. This leaves us feeling empty and helpless, arriving at our destination not-yet-filled. This doesn’t mean we should quash this part of our lives, it just means we need to shift our expectations to the right person. You see, as we age, we tend to be more cynical and skeptical of what can happen to us and for us. We limit our imagination to only the things we can logically figure out so that we are not hurt like we’ve been in the past. We tame our excitement, bracing ourselves for let-down.  This causes us to live with a closed heart, not loving to the fullest. This is a trap.

So, what if we had Expanded Expectations?

In the face of our disappointment, we shouldn’t shut down but rather open up to God as our source and hope. We have to remember that He is able to do anything in our lives, and He is the one who fulfills our souls. The Bible says in Luke 1:37, “For nothing is impossible with God.” This short, simple verse contains a powerful truth. It’s declaring that with Jesus we can have Expanded Expectations. We can enlarge our hope, trust, and dreams because He is able to do it. This slaps life in the face because He is greater than our hurt, our loss and our lack of peace. He knows what we feel and how our expectations have fallen flat due to various circumstance. He knows our struggle with others, ourselves, money, health, kids and more. He knows we are tempted to shut off the idea that tomorrow will be better than today – Yet He is still faithful. In fact, if we are faithless, He still is faithful, because He cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). In what area of your life can you have Expanded Expectations? I encourage you to take this challenge. Dare to believe that our God is able to do anything, and He is greater than anything! He can heal your family, give you the right spouse, touch your child, give you a great career, heal your body, redeem your past, unite your family and do the impossible! This is the Christ we serve.  He desires us to have Expanded Expectations! Decide to push back doubt, shake off unbelief and crush negativity. Life is too precious and short to let these things rob you of your full potential. No matter what hasn’t worked out or what has failed, God is greater! His ability is infinite and He loves you with an everlasting love! Live with Expanded Expectations and begin to say daily, “The best is yet to come.” Have a great week! Pastor David Norris

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His Plans For Me Were Much Bigger Than I Had Ever Dreamed

January 11, 2017

2016 was the year that changed me, but it wasn’t about me, it was about Him.

I found myself broken again, pieces of me shattered all over the ground for many different reasons. I was so unsure that God had a plan for me. It seemed I kept running into dead end after dead end with no hope I would find my way. Deep in my heart I knew better, and that’s why I continued to wait for God and His perfect plan. I was just so broken that God wasn’t doing things when I wanted them done. He wasn’t working on my timing, but on His.


I didn’t graduate college on time, I was dealing with insecurities from childhood, I thought I was gonna live the rest of my life alone. All the things I knew were a lie, but Satan kept beating me down with what he could.


Until one day in May of 2016 I had enough. I had nothing left to lose so I did what I was scared most to do, and that was let the world inside my heart. I tore every wall down and poured my heart into my first blog post titled, “A Single Man’s Prayer for a Virtuous Woman.”


It was day in and day out after that moment that God put it heavy on my heart to write. I poured everything out and let strangers into my heart. I was scared, but I knew God was telling me to share my story.


I wanted my brokenness to be a help to someone, because I didn’t want them to feel so alone like I did. I laid it all out, but not just the bad, I had so many good stories of how God blessed me that I needed to share. I wanted the world to know that no matter what I was going through God was there, and He was my strength when I thought I didn’t have any. He never left me.


I had more stories to share than I ever thought possible. So many stories poured out that I thought it would make more sense if they were all together, in some kind of order. I had no idea God planned for a book. I thought publishing a book of my testimony would be nearly impossible, but with a simple Google search what was once impossible became possible. On June 29, 2016, my first book “Safe Thus Far: My Testimony” was released.


If you would’ve asked me five years ago or even one year ago if I had plans to write a book, I would’ve laughed and told you no. But I didn’t know God was preparing my heart to do just that.


I was hoping that with the release of my book my story would help others, but little did I know God was healing me in the midst of it all. I started to see that God had a plan for me all along, and when I laid my baggage down I was finally free. I was free to see myself through the eyes of God again, and those bags that once weighed me down were no longer heavy.


I’ve met countless people along the way, people I never would’ve met had I not listened to what God was telling my heart. People who had given up on God, people who wanted to be more for God, people who had lost children to suicide, and people who just didn’t understand all saw the goodness of God through my testimony.


I’ll be forever thankful that God put it on my heart to share my story with the world. He is my best friend, my strength, and it’s only because of Him that I’ve made it Safe Thus Far.

Bigger Than I Had Ever Dreamed

If you truly pursue God with your whole heart, I believe you will find Him to be everything you’ve ever needed and so much more. He has plans for you that are much bigger than anything you’ve ever dreamed. Chase after Him to see all that He has in store! Who knows you may have a book inside of you too.


Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


If you would like to learn more about my story feel free to visit or watch the trailer for my book on YouTube!

-Brian Williams

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Does God Care About My Flavor?

January 11, 2017
The Bible says in Matthew 5:13, ” You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” You know that you actually add flavor to the earth? Who you are and what you do as a Christian actually is the flavor that the world needs. You see if you know much about salt, you know there are different kinds, styles, and flavors of salt. There’s rock salt, sea salt, table salt, kosher, and Himalayan just to name a few.

Does God Care Really?

In being the salt or “flavor” of the earth like Jesus said we are, if we are not pursuing the dream, purpose, and passions that God has placed in our heart then we truly aren’t any kind of flavor. We can tell the world about the goodness of God until we’re blue in the face, but if we aren’t stepping out in faith and pursuing our “flavor” we will only be stale crumbs for them to see.

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