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Episode #40: Trusting God’s Plan | David Watford

May 17, 2018

Football Athlete, David Watford joins Isaiah on the fortieth episode of the Dream On Podcast. David and Isaiah discuss the importance of trusting in God’s plan for your life.

1:30- David’s story

5:45- Why it’s important to dream

7:50- Being refined by fire

11:50- Trusting in God’s plan

15:45- Stopping Overthinking

17:00- Patience

20:00- God’s timing

21:40- The process

Episode #39: Getting Past Setbacks | Jordan Lawhead

May 5, 2018

Musician and Founder of You Inspire, Jordan Lawhead joins Isaiah on the thirty-ninth episode of Dream On Podcast. Jordan and Isaiah discuss practical ways to get past setbacks.

1:20- Jordan’ story

5:30- Getting away from fear and isolation

10:30- Power of testimonies

16:00- Renewing your mind

17:40- You are not a statistic

18:50- The Word as your source

20:10- The power of music

25:20- You Inspire

29:50- Where to find Jordan

Episode #38: Hearing God’s Voice | Carlos Whittaker

April 26, 2018

Speaker and Author, Carlos Whittaker joins Isaiah on the thirty-eighth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Carlos and Isaiah discuss the importance of hearing God’s voice in a world full of distraction.

1:15- Carlos’ story

2:20- What it means to hear God’s voice

4:35- The importance of listening to God

8:00- Silencing our life

13:10- Having a relationship with The Lord

17:40- God’s word

22:55- Keeping Him the center

26:30- Hustle after hearing

27:10- Carlos’ information

You can purchase Carlos’ books ‘ ‘Moment Maker’ and ‘Kill The Spider’ at

Episode #37: Dreaming With Discipline | Andreas Nielsen

April 19, 2018

Pastor of Hillsong Sweden, Andrea Nielsen joins Isaiah on the thirty-seventh episode of the Dream On Podcast. Andrea Nielsen shares how to live a life of discipline in the pursuit of your dreams.

1:00- Pastor Andreas’ story

3:45- What it means to live a life of discipline

6:30- Why some of us have a hard time with discipline

13:20- The importance of giving the glory to God

17:35- How to live a disciplined life for God

19:15- Finding the right people to be around

22:45- The importance of Christians dreaming

25:50- Pastor Andreas and Hillsong Sweden information

Hillsong Sweden Website

Episode #36: Adding Value To Your Life | Chris Brown

April 13, 2018
Ramsey personality and host of ‘Life Money Hope’ Chris Brown joins Isaiah on the thirty-sixth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Chris shares his incredible testimony and talks about how to add value to our lives.

1:20- Chris’ story

7:45- People pleasing vs. adding value

10:30- Everyone has something to offer

13:50- Adding value

14:45- The value of teamwork

22:40- You are who you hang around

25:50- Why is it important for us as Christians to dream?

28:05- Why do a lot of Christians have a hard time dreaming?

30:25- The importance of stewardship

32:50- How to learn more about Chris

Chris’ show ‘Life Money Hope’

Episode #35: The Excitement Of The Church | Ryan Romeo

April 6, 2018

Artist, worship leader, writer, speaker and cofounder of Outcry, Ryan Romeo joins Isaiah on the thirty-fifth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Ryan discusses the excitement and value of the body of Christ.

1:30- Ryan’s story

4:00- The heart of Outcry

6:40- The power of the local church

7:20- The bigger picture

10:15- The excitement

12:10- Why the world needs us to be dreamers

14:30- The part we play individually

22:40- The importance of being a unit

26:50- Ryan’s three principles of excellence

30:40- Outcry information

Ryan’s book ‘Outcry’

Ryan’s blog


Outcry tour information

Episode #34 The Importance Of Patience And Priority | Barrett Bogan

March 30, 2018
Blogger, Author and Speaker Barrett Bogan joins Isaiah on the thirty-fourth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Barrett shares the importance of having patience and making priorities. Barrett grew up in church but at age fourteen, really began to develop a relationship with God. After graduation high school, Barrett joined a leadership and discipleship program through a church. This would in turn become a radical growing experience for him. Barrett wanted to be a worship leader when he was younger but through time God would direct him to be a speaker. Barrett then moved to Napa, California. Now he is a online pastor who helps others develop a stronger relationship with The Lord. Barrett and Isaiah discuss family, Bible time, patience and more. You can learn more about Barrett at

Episode #33: View From The Top | Aaron Walker

March 23, 2018

Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron Walker joins Isaiah on the thirty-third episode of the Dream On Podcast. Aaron shares his wisdom to help understand why it’s important to live a life full of significance.

Aaron began to work at the age of thirteen. At the age of eighteen he opened his first business that became very successful. At twenty-seven years old, he sold out to a Fortune 500. Becoming retired before the age of thirty, it seemed Aaron had hit the pentacle of the ‘american dream.’

After realizing he was becoming complacent, he went back to work for his previous company. He quadrupled that business in the coming ten years and did amazing things in that industry.

Then Aaron’s life changed forever. Headed to work one morning, there was a man that was crossing the street to catch a local bus. Due to the man not looking Aaron’s way, Aaron ran over and kill the pedestrian.

With his life coming to an abrupt halt, Aaron took of the next five years. In this time, Aaron and his wife did extensive traveling and built a new house.

Realizing he was becoming complacent again, Aaron got into the construction business. After building another successful company, Aaron retired at the age of fifty.

After he retired, he started ‘View From The Top’ where Aaron helps ordinary men become extraordinary in all that they do. He is a premier life and business coach and also facilitates a dozen mastermind groups.

You can purchase Aaron’s book ‘View From The Top’ at

If you would like to learn more about Aaron and his mastermind group, visit

Episode #32: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity | Jessica Long

March 19, 2018
United States Paralympic Swimmer, Jessica Long joins Isaiah on the thirty-second episode of the Dream On Podcast. Jessica shares how going through obstacles can produce opportunity. Jessica was born in Siberia, Russia. Being young and unable to properly take care of a child that had health needs, her mom gave her up for adoption at the age of thirteen months. Due to fibular hemimelia, her lower legs were amputated at the age of eighteen months. Having a strong sense of determination and an endless amount of energy, she began swimming. Soon after this she began to swim competitively. Jessica has held multiple world records and won multiple gold medals. She has a grand total of 23 Paralympic medals. Listen to Jessica’s testimony and be encouraged that it doesn’t matter what you have gone through or going through currently, God as a plan for your life. Dream On is thankful for Jessica taking the time to sit down and talk and we look forward to seeing how God is going to use her talents at the Olympic level. Be on the look out for Jessica’s book ‘Unsinkable’ coming out in June. You can pre-order at

Episode #31: Never Too Young | Riley Snyder

March 8, 2018
Author, Missionary and Founder of Generation Next, Riley Snyder join Ben and Isaiah on the thirty-first episode of the Dream On Podcast. Riley shares her story of chasing her dreams from an early age and living a life loving and helping God’s children.

At the age of 13, Riley took her first mission trip to Kenya.

Seeing a need for school supplies and hygiene kits, she started a non profit called Generation Next at the age of 14.

At the age of 16, Riley built a school called Pamoja, which translates to “together” in Swahili. She has recently purchased a 7000 square foot building sitting on 5 acres. Riley plans to turn it into a community center for the people of Kibwezi. Teaching the women to sew, provide a safe house for children, and a sporting complex to be used by area schools.

Riley and Graham plan on moving to Kibwezi when Graham is finished with college.

Listen to an encouraging testimony of the faithful of God and how God can use you for an early age to be used by Him.

We are thankful for Riley’s time and look forward to seeing how God is going to use her and her husband Graham!

You can purchase Riley’s book ‘Riley Unlikely’ at