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Episode #34 The Importance Of Patience And Priority | Barrett Bogan

March 30, 2018
Blogger, Author and Speaker Barrett Bogan joins Isaiah on the thirty-fourth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Barrett shares the importance of having patience and making priorities. Barrett grew up in church but at age fourteen, really began to develop a relationship with God. After graduation high school, Barrett joined a leadership and discipleship program through a church. This would in turn become a radical growing experience for him. Barrett wanted to be a worship leader when he was younger but through time God would direct him to be a speaker. Barrett then moved to Napa, California. Now he is a online pastor who helps others develop a stronger relationship with The Lord. Barrett and Isaiah discuss family, Bible time, patience and more. You can learn more about Barrett at

Episode #33: View From The Top | Aaron Walker

March 23, 2018

Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron Walker joins Isaiah on the thirty-third episode of the Dream On Podcast. Aaron shares his wisdom to help understand why it’s important to live a life full of significance.

Aaron began to work at the age of thirteen. At the age of eighteen he opened his first business that became very successful. At twenty-seven years old, he sold out to a Fortune 500. Becoming retired before the age of thirty, it seemed Aaron had hit the pentacle of the ‘american dream.’

After realizing he was becoming complacent, he went back to work for his previous company. He quadrupled that business in the coming ten years and did amazing things in that industry.

Then Aaron’s life changed forever. Headed to work one morning, there was a man that was crossing the street to catch a local bus. Due to the man not looking Aaron’s way, Aaron ran over and kill the pedestrian.

With his life coming to an abrupt halt, Aaron took of the next five years. In this time, Aaron and his wife did extensive traveling and built a new house.

Realizing he was becoming complacent again, Aaron got into the construction business. After building another successful company, Aaron retired at the age of fifty.

After he retired, he started ‘View From The Top’ where Aaron helps ordinary men become extraordinary in all that they do. He is a premier life and business coach and also facilitates a dozen mastermind groups.

You can purchase Aaron’s book ‘View From The Top’ at

If you would like to learn more about Aaron and his mastermind group, visit

Episode #32: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity | Jessica Long

March 19, 2018
United States Paralympic Swimmer, Jessica Long joins Isaiah on the thirty-second episode of the Dream On Podcast. Jessica shares how going through obstacles can produce opportunity. Jessica was born in Siberia, Russia. Being young and unable to properly take care of a child that had health needs, her mom gave her up for adoption at the age of thirteen months. Due to fibular hemimelia, her lower legs were amputated at the age of eighteen months. Having a strong sense of determination and an endless amount of energy, she began swimming. Soon after this she began to swim competitively. Jessica has held multiple world records and won multiple gold medals. She has a grand total of 23 Paralympic medals. Listen to Jessica’s testimony and be encouraged that it doesn’t matter what you have gone through or going through currently, God as a plan for your life. Dream On is thankful for Jessica taking the time to sit down and talk and we look forward to seeing how God is going to use her talents at the Olympic level. Be on the look out for Jessica’s book ‘Unsinkable’ coming out in June. You can pre-order at

Episode #31: Never Too Young | Riley Snyder

March 8, 2018
Author, Missionary and Founder of Generation Next, Riley Snyder join Ben and Isaiah on the thirty-first episode of the Dream On Podcast. Riley shares her story of chasing her dreams from an early age and living a life loving and helping God’s children.

At the age of 13, Riley took her first mission trip to Kenya.

Seeing a need for school supplies and hygiene kits, she started a non profit called Generation Next at the age of 14.

At the age of 16, Riley built a school called Pamoja, which translates to “together” in Swahili. She has recently purchased a 7000 square foot building sitting on 5 acres. Riley plans to turn it into a community center for the people of Kibwezi. Teaching the women to sew, provide a safe house for children, and a sporting complex to be used by area schools.

Riley and Graham plan on moving to Kibwezi when Graham is finished with college.

Listen to an encouraging testimony of the faithful of God and how God can use you for an early age to be used by Him.

We are thankful for Riley’s time and look forward to seeing how God is going to use her and her husband Graham!

You can purchase Riley’s book ‘Riley Unlikely’ at

Episode #30: The Intentional Life | Dr. Thien Doan

March 1, 2018
Pastor, Church Planter, Ministry Consultant, and Professional Life Coach Thien Doan join Jordan and Isaiah on the thirtieth episode of the Dream On Podcast. We discuss subjects just as mentorship, evangelism, church planting and productivity.

Born in Vietnam, Thien immigrated to the US at one year old right after the Vietnam War. Thien and his family were among the very first families to get to leave the country. His family was the first v immigrants to land in the state of Washington.

Growing up in LA, Thien found himself surrounded by his brothers that were going down the wrong path. Knowing there had to be a better way, he began to go to church. His father was more upset with Thien going to church than his brothers selling drugs and going to jail. Being raised in a Buddist and Catholic house, he did not receive acceptance from his family in the path he began to take with The Lord.

Thien felt led to pursue a future in ministry after helping counsel his brothers friends as they would have parties at their house. Later on college, he would feel led to be a missionary to an unreached people group. Later would find out the Lord was leading him to a church planting ministry.

He has been a pastor now for twenty years. He serves as Lead Pastor at City Lights Church in Orange County, California.

We are thankful for Thein’s time and look forward to what God has in store for his future.

You can purchase Thein’s books at

Episode #29: Dream Wild | Jennifer LeClaire

February 21, 2018
Author, Speaker and Prophetic Voice Jennifer LeClaire join Jordan and Isaiah on the twenty-ninth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Jennifer shares encouraging truths about overcoming limitations and dreaming wild with God.

Jennifer is the senior leader of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, founder of the Ignite Network and founder of the Awakening Blaze prayer movement.

She formerly served as the first-ever editor of Charisma magazine.

Being a prolific author, she has written over 25 books, including The Heart of the Prophetic, A Prophet’s Heart, Fervent Faith, Did the Spirit of God Say That? 27 Keys to Judging Prophecy, Breakthrough!, and Doubtless: Faith that Overcomes the World. Some of her materials have been translated into Spanish and Korean.

We discuss Jennifer’s latest book, ‘Dream Wild’ and how to Ignite Your Faith to Defy Impossibilities.

Be encouraged by the powerful and life-changing insight Jennifer shares with us.

We are thankful for Jennifer’s taking the time to talk with us and look forward to seeing what exciting plans The Lord has for her and her ministries!

You can purchase Jennifer’s books at

Episode #28: Persevering Through Rough Conditions | Brian Dickinson

February 15, 2018
Author, Sponsored Athlete, Former US Navy Air Rescue Swimmer and Motivational Speaker Brian Dickinson join Ben and Isaiah on the twenty-eighth episode of the Dream On Podcast. Brian shares his story of surviving alone and blind on Mount Everest.

His Mount Everest experience has been reenacted in television segments such as CBN, 700 Club, The Weather Channel and other media outlets.

Being a professional mountain climber, Brian has summited mountains such as Island Peak, Aconcagua, Patagonia, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Kosciusko, Vinson Massif, Cascades and more.

Listen to great stories and practical insight on how to live a life of fulfilling your dreams and persevering through obstacles.

We are thankful for Brian sitting down and sharing his experiences with us and are looking forward to hearing what adventures he will pursue in the future.

You can purchase Brian’s best selling book ‘Blind Descent” at

Episode #27: Living A Life Of Purpose | Jeff Barnhardt

February 12, 2018
Author, Speaker and Award Winning Entrepreneur Jeff Barnhardt join Ben and Isaiah on the twenty-seventh episode of the Dream On Podcast. Jeff shares his story on how he went from a background of gang violence to being used by God as a successful businessman.

Growing up in poverty, Jeff found himself going down the wrong path in his childhood. From trying drugs at the age of ten to selling drugs on the streets by age fourteen. He left his home to join a local street gang at the age of sixteen.

At the age of eighteen, his best friend and brother was murdered because of gang violence. This caused Jeff to spiral further down and for the next four years Jeff became homeless off and on while being a drug addict.

At the age of twenty-three Jeff found himself wondering the streets with no where to stay in the cold, when he heard the Holy Spirit speak to him and told him to call a man from his work. This would turn to be a life-changing decision.

Through a series of events, Jeff gave his life to Christ and was delivered from drugs.

From living in poverty in his childhood to becoming CEO of a successful security and technology company, Jeff’s story is one of rags to riches.

Listen to a testimony of the faithfulness of God and hear applicable insight from this passionate author and speaker.

We are grateful for Jeff’s heart and know you will be encouraged by what Jeff has to say in this episode of the Dream On Podcast.

You can purchase Jeff’s books at

Episode #26: Entrepreneur Tony Madalone

January 31, 2018
Entrepreneur, Politician, sports enthusiast and all around cool guy Tony Madalone, join Jordan and Isaiah on the twenty sixth episode of the Dream On Podcast. In this episode, Tony shares his story of growing up with nothing, and becoming a self-made entrepreneur.

About Tony Madalone

In Lorain, where he grew up with his single mother and grandparents, he began caddying at the age of 12. While caddying, he started his own landscaping company, taking care of three properties while also roofing on the weekends.

When he wasn’t working, Tony was on the basketball court. He spent countless hours in the gym with aspirations of being an NBA superstar. While he didn’t quite make the NBA, he did lead his high school team to the state final four and played four years at Ashland University.

By the time Tony arrived at Ashland, he already had years of work experience behind him and a burning desire to do more.

It wasn’t long before he started a business in his dorm room selling vintage T-shirts on eBay.

While running his college business and earning his MBA, Tony was planning a career on Wall Street. But a trip to New York made him realize Cleveland was home.

With his new goal clearly in focus, Tony opened Fresh Brewed Tees in Cleveland, Ohio, in November of 2009. Today as CEO, he has made his mark by laying the foundation for Cleveland’s thriving apparel industry.

He has continued to build the Fresh Brewed Tee’s brand, working with professional sports teams and athletes. He opened a seasonal mall location in 2012, launched Cleveland’s first retail truck in the spring of 2013 and in November of 2014, opened Fresh Brewed Tees first brick and mortar store in Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Additionally, Tony owns companies in Seattle and Los Angeles.

All of this has led to much media coverage, as Tony has appeared on ESPN, TMZ, ABC News, FOX Sports and various news affiliates as well as in the Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, BuzzFeed, and Inc Magazine.

Today, Fresh Brewed Tees holds over 40 licenses, including Major League Baseball Players Association and ESPN.

While Fresh Brewed Tees started creating clothes simply revolving around Cleveland sports, it has now become a national brand. Most recently, Tony licensed his “Defend The Land” trademark to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

While there continues to be a lot on his plate, Tony is most passionate about giving back to the community and making Cleveland a better place to live. Tony served as co-director of Ohio Homecoming and co-chair of Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve on Public Square. Additionally, Tony led a renovation of Hough’s Martin Luther King Jr High School.

Purchase some of Tony’s swag at: and Follow Tony on Twitter & Instagram @TMadCle or visit his website at

Episode #25: Pastor Kylan Booser

January 24, 2018
Kylan Booser has been in full time ministry for twenty-two years. Most recently he was the lead pastor of The Bridge Community Church, a church plant in Dublin, OH. For seventeen years he was the Director of Youth at Only Believe Ministries in Botkins, OH, leading a volunteer staff that oversaw ministries that ranged from 5th grade through college age. For over ten years Kylan was the producer and host of 24seven, a tv show for teens that could be seen on the international satellite stations JC-TV and the NRB Network. He has written In The Trenches, A Guide to Leading Volunteers; a concise and easy to read book that will help the youth leader begin, grow and properly use a volunteer team.

Outside of the above “formal”stuff, Kylan loves his wife of twenty-two years and his three kids. He spends lots of time at his kids’ games, is a rather enthusiastic outdoorsman, likes a good book, and thinks the best days are the days that its cold enough outside to see your breath.

You can purchase his book “In The Trenches” at